CRIDA Featured in Award-Winning Water Resources IMPACT Article

Title Page for ‘Climate Change: Resilient Infrastructure or Infrastructure for Resilience?’, 2018. Water Resources IMPACTS 20(6):14-15.

Climate Risk-Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA), an ICIWaRM-UNESCOAGWADeltares authored approach to water resources planning, was featured in the recently named “2018 Article of the Year” for Water Resources IMPACT. Water Resources IMPACT is a flagship publication of the American Water Resources Association and is a practical, solution-oriented magazine containing diverse and timely articles written for water resources professionals at all levels of the profession.

The article, written by John Matthews of the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation, is titled “Climate Change: Resilient Infrastructure or Infrastructure for Resilience?” It addressed the issue of “Do we fund projects that broadly build resilience for communities and ecosystems to reduce the impacts of climate change? Or do we ensure that all projects are themselves resilient to ongoing impacts, whether or not they provide broader resilience? In other words, do we need resilient infrastructure or infrastructure for resilience?”

CRIDA, the article noted, is “a complementary approach that spans both resilient infrastructure and infrastructure for resilience”. CRIDA provides bottom-up, stepwise planning guidance for water resources planners, managers, and engineers interested in incorporating resilience into planning and operational decisions. It includes the uncertainties associated with climate change in the same framework as other water management uncertainties, such as population growth, land-use change and urbanization. Additional analytical and planning decisions can be made throughout the process in a manner consistent with an institution’s established planning procedures and protocols, and decision maker needs.

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