ICIWaRM Participates in UNESCO IHP Water Science Conference and Intergovernmental Council Meeting

Climate change is threatening water security and our ability to meet the globally agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In order to provide the scientific basis to address these challenges, the UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) convened a scientific side event during the 25th Session of the IHP Council on 25 April 2022 to identify and discussed ways to support Member States in achieving the SDGs and other related 2030 targets.

ICIWaRM’s Director, Will Logan, participated in the event and was a discussant in the Water Education and Capacity Development Panel. Dr. Logan spoke on the topic of “Water Education and Development: Generic Products or Country-Level Focus”.

The side event provided a scientific contribution to the implementation of the Ninth Phase of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP-IX, 2022-2029) “Science for a Water Secure World in a Changing Environment”. The results also will feed into the scientific research agenda for the United Nations Water Conference 2023.  

Gert Verreet,(Government of Flanders), Will Logan (ICIWaRM) and Koen Verbist (UNESCO)

Dr. Logan also summarized the accomplishments of the UNESCO G-WADI major initiative and ICIWaRM over the past two years at the IHP Council Meeting. Side meetings included a discussion with members of the Flemish delegation, with whom ICIWaRM collaborates on many joint efforts including climate adaptation efforts through G-WADI and the Flemish UNESCO Fund for Science.