ICIWaRM Plays Leadership Roles in Eighth World Water Forum, Brasilia, Brazil

Dr. Hal Cardwell describes the Shared Vision Planning process at the 8th World Water Forum. Photo credit: ICIWaRM

The World Water Forum is the largest water-related event in the world, organized triennially by the World Water Council in collaboration with a host country. It aims to mobilize concrete action on water issues, provide a platform for stakeholders to exchange and learn together, engage policy and decision-makers for improved water resources management, and increase public awareness of water issues.

The 8th World Water Forum, held in March 2018 in Brasilia, Brazil, was no exception, and ICIWaRM played an important role in developing and carrying out key thematic sessions.  For example, ICIWaRM was on the Organizing committee of the session on Uncertainty and limitation of Science and Science Communication, in Climate science and water management: the communication between science and decision/policy making. It was a member of the Session Coordination Group and provided a panelist for the session “Do not reinvent the wheel: Many non-regret adaptation measure are already available!” in Climate: Water and adaptation to climate change.  And it moderated a Side Event on “Addressing Water Security and Climate Change Impacts in Vulnerable Regions” focusing on the challenges of water resources management under climate change in drylands and mountainous regions of Latin America and the Caribbean”.

ICIWaRM’s host institution, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, is on the Board of Governors of the World Water Council, which conceived and organizes the World Water Fora.