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ICIWaRM Subject Matter Experts Lead Shared Vision Planning Pilot in Tisza River Basin
4 December 2017

ICIWaRM Leads Collaborative Model Verification and Development Workshop for the Mekong River Commission
20 November 2017

Water Cooperation and Diplomacy Degree Master’s Program Marks First Graduation Day
10 November 2017

ICIWaRM-US State Dept. Agreement signed for Strengthening water COoperation for REgional Security (SCORES)
20 October 2017

ICIWaRM Conducts Collaborative Risk-Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) Technical Exchange at Asian Institute of Technology
1 October 2017

ICIWaRM Participates in Meeting of IHP National Committees, Centers, Chairs and Programs for Latin America and the Caribbean
20 September 2017

African-Flood-and-Drought-Monitor finds Applications in Health, Epidemiology and Migration studies
31 August 2017

Mekong River Commission Joint Committee Workshop on Building Capacity in Shared Vision Planning and Negotiation
30 July 2017

ICIWaRM Co-organizes Technical Workshop on Climate Change Risk, Vulnerability Assessment and Early Warning for Africa
30 June 2017

ICIWaRM Welcomes Delegation from South Korea
15 June 2017

Hydrologic Engineering Center’s Hydrologic Modeling System (HEC-HMS) can now Import Gridded Rainfall Data Globally
20 May 2017

ICIWaRM kicks off Study on Risk-Based Hydrologic Engineering Standards under Climate Uncertainty
1 May 2017

ICIWaRM and DELTARES develop and conduct hands-on training in the use of Collaborative Modeling in IWRM at Global Water Partnership meeting in Accra, Ghana, April 11-12, 2017
15 Apr 2017

ICIWaRM participates in UNESCO Seminar on Rainwater Harvesting Techniques
15 March 2017

ICIWaRM Cosponsors Third ASEAN Academic Network Technical Training Workshop for Water and Disaster Management
1 February 2017

G-WADI Workshop on Princeton’s African Flood and Drought Monitor held in Harare, Zimbabwe hosted by WaterNet
10 January 2017

Shared Vision Planning for Green Infrastructure to Reduce Urban Flood Risk in Udon Thani, Thailand
1 December 2016

ICIWaRM Participates in UNESCO Center Symposium on Water Cooperation
21 November 2016

ICIWaRM Presents Results of Tuul River, Mongolia Groundwater Model to Decision Makers
14 November 2016

IHP-led, ICIWaRM-coordinated Arid Regions Water Resources Network G-WADI releases new app “iRain”, combining real-time rainfall information, citizen science and social media.
8 November 2016

G-WADI Celebrates its Past and Plans its Future
31 October 2016

Multi-Hazard “Tournament” Takes Place in the Iowa-Cedar – A UNESCO HELP basin in Minnesota and Iowa, USA
15 September 2016

ICIWaRM Leads Shared Vision Planning Workshop in the Dominican Republic
18 August 2016

ICIWaRM Provides Technical Collaboration on Water Data and Drought in Support of South Africa
1 August 2016

ICIWaRM and NASA Collaborate with UNESCO on Remote Sensing and Water Resources Course in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil
18 July 2016

ICIWaRM takes part in 10th World General Assembly of International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)
1 July 2016

ICIWaRM Participates in Meetings of UNESCO Category 2 Science and Engineering Centers in Beijing and Koblenz
20 June 2016

Advancing the Implementation of the Latin American Flood and Drought Monitor at the National Level
5 June 2016

ICIWaRM Enters into Partnership with the European Regional Centre for Ecohydrology in Poland
20 May 2016

ICIWaRM Participates in G-WADI Training Workshop with UNESCO Global Partners at University of Khartoum, Sudan
10 March 2016

Namibia Uses G-WADI’s Precipitation Estimates in their Daily Flood Bulletin
5 February 2016

ICIWaRM Provides Training in Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling at ASCE-EWRI Meeting in Sri Lanka
15 January 2016

RainMapper – G-WADI’s New Mobile Device Application for Real-time Global Precipitation Monitoring Available
10 December 2015

ICIWaRM-Supported Precipitation Estimation Tool Taught at ASEAN-UNESCO Workshop for Disaster Risk Reduction in SE Asia
4 October 2015

ICIWaRM and province of Udon Thani Thailand hold Inter-Municipal Flood Risk Reduction Strategy Dialogue
25 September 2015

New brochures available for ICIWaRM/G-WADI sponsored ‘Latin American Flood and Drought Monitor’ and ‘Latin American and Caribbean Drought Atlas’
1 September 2015

ICIWaRM Director Attends Governing Board Meeting and Water Symposium Hosted by the International Center for Water Resources and Global Change
1 August 2015

US Mission to UNESCO Sponsors Visit to US by Water Professionals from Eastern Europe and Central Asia
1 July 2015

UNESCO’s Arid Regions Water Program holds Meeting of Sub-Saharan Africa network
20 June 2015

ICIWaRM continues work with OSCE and UNECE on Transboundary Dniester River Basin
10 June 2015

ICIWaRM Economist and Engineer help International Sediment Initiative with Strategic Planning
1 June 2015

UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences Visits ICIWaRM
15 May 2015

ICIWaRM provides Scenario and Shared Vision Planning Support in Dominican Republic
1 May 2015

ICIWaRM organizes Mongolia Groundwater Modeling Workshop
5 April 2015

ICIWaRM Organizes Environmental Flow Assessment Workshop
23 February 2015

ICIWaRM Publishes Study of Water Allocation in the U.S. as part of Collaborative Program with Brazil’s Agência Nacional de Águas
1 January 2015

Category 2 Centers Meet in Koblenz, Germany to Discuss Strategy and Collaboration
15 December 2014

ICIWaRM Holds Working Meetings in the Ukraine and Moldova on Multi-Reservoir Modeling of the Dniester River
10 November 2014

ICIWaRM Hosts ‘Women, Water, Wells’ photography exhibit at World Water Forum Symposium
31 October 2014

ICIWaRM Holds Training course on Reservoir Environmental Flows Modeling in La Plata, Argentina
15 Sep 2014

ICIWaRM Participates in the Annual Meeting of the North American Network of Basin Organizations (NANBO)
19 August 2014

ICIWaRM Supports U.S. at International Hydrological Programme’s 21st Session of the Intergovernmental Council
3 July 2014

ICIWaRM Director Participates in Ecohydrology Steering Committee Workshop for 8th Phase of UNESCO’s International Hydrological Programme (IHP-VIII)
18 June 2014

ICIWaRM Holds Training course on Reservoir System Analysis in the Dominican Republic
20 May 2014

HEC Hydraulic Engineers Lead Training in Guatemala
28 April 2014

International Visitor Leadership Program Sponsors UNESCO Visit to ICIWaRM
7 March 2014

Lessons from North and Central American UNESCO-HELP Basins
26 February 2014

ICIWaRM Team Supports Water Cooperation in the Nile Basin
20 December 2013

ICIWaRM Organizes Session on Rainfall Estimates Using Satellite Data
6 June 2013

ICI-RAFT Developed to Estimate Frequency and Intensity of Rainfall Events
4 Mar 2013

ICIWaRM Partners Review Progress and Look to the Future
21 Dec 2012

ICIWaRM Holds Inaugural Advisory Board Meeting
21 Dec 2012

ICIWaRM Supports Lower Mekong Basin Strategic Scenario Planning
10 Dec 2012

ICIWaRM Hosts Ecohydrology Symposium
29 Nov 2012

USACE IWR — ICIWaRM Supports U.S. at International Hydrological Programme’s Intergovernmental Council Meeting
29 Jun 2012

ICIWaRM Signs Agreement with Scotland’s University of Dundee
14 Jun 2012

Global Water Partnership Executive Secretary Visits USACE IWR – ICIWaRM
24 Apr 2012

USACE and ICIWaRM Recognized During Announcement of the U.S. Water Partnership at U.S. State Department World Water Day Event
9 Apr 2012

IWR Signs Agreement with UNESCO Center in the Dominican Republic
20 Jul 2011

HEC and ICIWaRM Collaborate in Paraguay Water Resources Training Workshop
15 Apr 2011

Dr. Eugene Stakhiv Participates in Tufts University 2nd Annual Water Symposium
8 Apr 2011

ICIWaRM Hosts Pakistan Water Resources Delegation
7 Apr 2011

ICIWaRM Participates in World Water Day Event at World Bank
5 Apr 2011

ICIWaRM Signs MOU with National Autonomous University of Mexico
17 Nov 2010

UNESCO Chooses ICIWaRM as Technical Secretariat for its Arid Lands Water Program
1 Nov 2010

ICIWaRM Engages Local Stakeholders in Chili River Basin, Peru
3 Aug 2010

Eugene Stakhiv Meets with China’s Minister of Water Resources
2 Jun 2010

ICIWaRM Technical Director Eugene Stakhiv Speaks at United Nations Water and Climate Change Workshop
1 Jun 2010

ICIWaRM Co-Sponsors North American HELP Basin Organizations Workshop on Lessons Learned
19 May 2010

IWR Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Florida International University
5 February 2010

Signing Ceremony
29 October 2009

ICIWaRM Designated a UNESCO Category II Water Centre
4 November 2009

ICIWaRM Sponsors Global Water News Watch
28 September 2009

ICIWaRM Team Leads Workshop for Peru National Water Authority
16 September 2009

ICIWaRM Center Endorsed at the UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) Intergovernmental Council Meeting in Paris
1 July 2008

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